We, Homestayin.com, turn your homestay into something extra ordinary!

Homestayin.com pursues to turn an ordinary homestay experience into something that brings heartfelt impressions and meaning of life. Our goal and vision is to make a better world through Homestayin.com.

Every time a guest makes a booking, an African child with malnutrition will be provided with high-protein food under UNICEF program. Now your homestay is not a mere homestay, but a platform that saves a child’s life.

Isn’t this wonderful for both homestay families and guests?

In the future, Homestayin.com will award scholarships to students in need so that they can study abroad. Free homestay will also be provided for the students. It would be a great help for us if there are host families who want to join this program and can offer their rooms for free.

Of course, Homestayin.com will be be committed to our basic role – to intermediate between homestay families and guests. However, it is not our belief to just concentrate on mediating host services and receiving service fees only. To turn an ordinary homestay experience into something more valuable – this is our true belief. Please join us in the journey to make your homestay something more valuable than a usual ordinary homestay.

For our homestay family members, It is totally free to join Homestayin.com and advertize to homestay guests all over the world. You may have experiences that you had paid for becoming a member of other homestay intermediation to advertize your homestay accommodation but no booking was made. We receive just 15% of total booking value for confirmed bookings only. If the confirmed booking period is longer 3 months, we only receive 15% of total booking value up to 3 months. We do not receive deposit/service fee for the periods after 3 months. Don’t you think it is reasonable? Do not hesitate to cooperate with us. Your meaning of life will change.

For our homestay guests, If you are planning to stay in other countries, you can search for and make booking for homestay families in here in Homestayin.com. Registration is free. You can join as a guest member, search appropriate host families, and make bookings. However, you do not have pay the whole amount upon booking. Just pay 15% of total booking value as a deposit, and your booking is confirmed. If you are planning to stay for longer than 3 months, you just pay 15% of total booking value of up to 3 months only. You can discuss with the host family about how to pay the remaining 85% upon arrival. We believe that our deposit system is much more reasonable than other homestay intermediation websites. We invite you. Please join us and let’s change the meaning of homestay.